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The White Period
Martha Chatelain

Two all-white piece of handmade cast paper, skooshed together

The collector of this piece chose to have it matted on a neutral background and placed in a plexiglass box. The installation photo opposite shows how it looked in its new home.

In the years since she began working with paper, Martha has done wonderful things with color also (see Materials and the other pages for details). However, this page is a reminder of her White Period. Other white-light-focused pieces appeared in her recent one person show, "Lux Umbra Dei."

When Martha began working with handmade cast paper, she created a number of pieces with plain white fibers only. The clean cotton fibers reflect light in such a way that they almost seem to glow. Here's such a piece, "Beyond Separation", from her first one-person show.

The same piece, above a marble fireplace, surrounded by other artworks.

Artfocus Ltd./Martha Chatelain
P.O. Box 92156
Portland OR 97292-2156